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Online Inventory Problems: Beyond the iid Setting with Online Convex Optimization.

M., Gaïffas, S., Garrigos, G., & Bussy, S. (2023) in Thirty-seventh Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems

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Learning the Dynamics of Sparsely Observed Interacting Systems.

Bleistein, L., Fermanian, A., Jannot, A.S., Guilloux, A. (2023) in Proceedings of the 40th International Conference on Machine Learning

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FLASH: a Fast joint model for Longitudinal And Survival data in High dimension.

Nguyen, V. T., Fermanian, A., Guilloux, A., Barbieri, A., Zohar, S., Jannot, A. S., Bussy, S. (2023) preprint

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The insertion method to invert the signature of a path.

Fermanian, A., Chang, J., Lyons, T., Biau, G. (2023)

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Population dynamics in fresh product markets with no posted prices.

Ellouze, A., Fernandez, B. (2023) preprint

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