An all-in-one,
tailor made and scalable solution

Califrais has been tackling the challenge of decarbonizing the global food supply chain, with the mission of inventing technological solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize large-scale food flows. Califrais has deployed its tools on the world's largest fresh produce market as the official digital and logistics operator of Rungis via the platform. The tools developed have demonstrated their ability to :

  • reduce food waste by a factor of 2
  • cut CO2 emissions by a factor of 7

On the Rungis market, Califrais helps thousands of professionals with their fresh produce supplies. Our expertise in the field has enabled us to develop a range of software and algorithmic solutions perfectly adapted to the specific needs of the fresh food supply chain sector, with an environmentally friendly and socially responsible approach that meets the challenges of the large scale of the product flows involved.

  • Marketplace & e-commerce platform
  • Product Inventory Management (PIM)
  • Stock management
  • Warehouse Management system (WMS)
  • Delivery optimisation
  • Tailored invoicing

Machine learning is revolutionizing
fresh produce logistics

Thanks to LabCom LOPF,

(Large Scale Optimization of Product Flows), to our years of market experience and our accumulation of a very large volume of complex data, our teams have designed and trained innovative algorithms covering the critical aspects of this activity:

  • Predictive demand analysis
  • Modeling of complex flows
  • Dynamic pricing strategies
  • Optimization of perishable stocks
  • Optimization of operational resources (logistics and transport)
  • Decarbonization of flows
  • Food waste reduction
  • Predictive customer satisfaction analysis